Alerts on almost all servers listed in New Relic

In the time period 03:42 to 03:49 we have received alerts on almost all servers which have been listed in New Relic. These alerts have been closed also in this time frame. (As there have been so many alerts in a short time span, thus exact matching of Open & closed alerts have not been done). Why these alerts were generated? Is it due to some maintenance? Kindly clarify.

Thanks & Regards

Hi @dnl8133, is this for a ‘Server Not Reporting’ from legacy alerts? If so, there are a few reasons why this could have occurred.

Server Not Reporting functions in a very simple way, where it looks for the presence of metrics from the instance of the collector that is listening to your server. If it has not seen proof of those metrics for a length of time (configured in the alert policy), it will generate an incident. Multiple instances of servers reporting a short period of downtime could be caused by network delays, or from the collector moving, or even issues with a downstream provider. It can be hard to pinpoint the cause, especially with very brief outages.

I did check to see whether we had maintenance or a service incident around this time that would have accounted for downtime on multiple servers, but did not find any evidence of this.

This post goes into more detail on how the ‘Server Not Reporting’ alert works, and things to keep in mind while using it, if you would like more information about this type of alert in general.