Alerts to Microsoft Teams are broken, variables dont work

The notifications to Microsoft Teams are not working, they seem very broken.

I tried with the default payload and some that I found in this forum, but none of them are working, what can I do to make it work properly??

Hi @lucas.recoaro -

Thanks so much for posting in the community.

We do not currently have a direct integration with Microsoft Teams, so we’ll do our best to provide some guidance, but we can’t be sure what’s happening on the MS Teams end of things, so it’s really hard for us to troubleshoot with you.

It sounds like you have already done some reading in the community. In case you haven’t seen them, these seem to be the two most helpful topics on this subject:

That said - anything could have changed on the Teams side recently that would make these less useful examples.

Please let me know if these don’t help advance you work here.

Thanks for your answer, but the solution in these links are not working

I do not know what to do to receive alerts properly in MS Teams.

Hi @lucas.recoaro - Can you provide more information regarding what is not working? I see that the chart doesn’t seem to be populating. Can you provide a link to your configuration?