All MySQL queries show up as MySQL other

I have a Play Framework 2.7.3 app with Scala 2.12.10, Slick 3.3.2 and there’s no detail about MySQL queries in New Relic. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen queries under this app.

The queries themselves are basically just using Slick, and the jar is used by another service that’s also in New Relic running Tomcat, and it seems like the queries originating from it show up as JDBC other there.

Here’s the page:

Running Java Agent 5.1.0 and (rolling out now) 5.8.0.

Hi @jonwu,

Thank you for sharing the link to your app.

It seems most of the modules you have running on the app is well within the scope of our Java agent support. Although, I can’t say for sure what is obscuring the agent from reporting the db data from your app.

I can take a look at this request in more detail. Therefore, I’ll need some additional information from the Java agent (e.g agent finest logs , copy of your newrelic.yml etc). I’ll open an internal ticket from this post to further investigate this request internally. Look out for an e-mail update from New Relic Support in your in-box.

Once, we have a working solution for you - kindly share the workaround for others on the community to benefit from it as well.


Support has been helpful in walking me through this.

I just had to add this to my newrelic.yml under the common: &default_settings section:

    excludes: slick/jdbc/LoggingPreparedStatement

This disables instrumentation on wrappers that were interfering with how the agent is instrumenting the db calls and makes the queries show up correctly.