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All your New Relic Programmability Questions Answered Here


We recently held a live Q&A session with our customers and New Relic experts about our programmability tools. We’ve collected all your questions and our answers into one handy post. So, what do you want to know?

Have a question we haven’t answered? Ask it below!

Which API key do you use with the CLI?

Summary: The Nerdgraph API key is used with the New Relc One CLI. A Nerdgraph API can be generated in the Developer Center following the quick steps instructions when getting started or using the graphiql API explorer.

Can I create Nerdpacks in languages other than React?

Summary: There are currently no plans to support other languages for building a New Relic One App. But, you can build external applications using the API in any language you want!

Why can’t I accept the Terms of Service for the Developer Center?

Summary: Your organization may not authorize users to accept click-through agreements. Talk to your Account Executive to get the master agreement in place for your organization.

How do I style my Nerdpack to be user friendly?

Summary: Use layout templates! If you’re just getting started building a nerdpack these templates are a great place to start:

How do deployment channels work and what is their purpose?

Summary: We designed the feature for 3 channels: dev, beta, and stable. The concept is that you would deploy a version of an app to the channel that makes sense for the stage it’s at. Long term, you will be able to say "show me all the apps on Dev, for example. This is and area that is still under development.

How do I deploy a new version of an application?

Summary: Ship the change to your app and it will automatically update for everyone who has access.

Can I use components that aren’t in the New Relic One component library?

Summary: Any React library can be used to interact with the data that comes from our GraphQL API. We publish the component library to be helpful to you, but you are not limited to it.

Do you have a favorite React book?

Summary: Daniel’s favorite resource is the Scrimba React tutorial.

Does the Browser Analyzer app provide Google Analytics like features?

Summary: It’s not 100% analogous. By design, it should help you make business decisions about where you need to invest resources in your app to improve the customer experience. Coming soon: it will work with Single Page Apps.

How can I get started in New Relic’s Open Source Community?

Summary: Check out to see and search projects we have available, we’re adding more all the time. Our plan is also published publicly!

How does Grid and Grid Styling work?

Summary: The goal is that you never have to write custom CSS to get a Nerdpack up and running. Helpful components for styling your Nerdpacks:

There are a variety of other components (dropdowns, inputs, headers, etc.) included the same page that are also helpful for styling your nerdpacks.

How do I get the Customer Journey Nerdpack up and running?

Summary: This is not a Nerdpack that can just be cloned and run. You have to customize the config to reference your accounts etc. Have a look at the documentation in the repository for more information.