Already I have a AWS account need to configure New Relic how

Hi, this is lokesh
i already having a aws account(ubuntu server) running a application in that… i need to configure new relic in that. i checked some documents and also referred some videos …as per some document i create a iam user and configured with new relic account but still i didnt see EC2 instance cpu utilization like that… i cant see any graph generating

@lokirahul123 - Have you looked to the troubleshooting guide for AWS integrations?

yes i checked that , there is no errors…
lets me explain briefly one more time… these steps only i carried on
install new relic in aws for my instance(server)
then i created a new relic account
then i created a IAM user added details and copy that ARN Number to new relic account configured these only i have done so far
i can see the aws integration but when i click dashboard or explore data i cant see clearly the graph

sudo systemctl status newrelic-infra
by using above cmd i checked i got these error???

Apr 20 10:40:47 ip-172-31-82-242 newrelic-infra-service[25828]: time=“2020-04-20T10:40:47Z” level=info msg=“Starting agent process: /usr/bin/newrelic-infra”

Apr 20 10:40:47 ip-172-31-82-232 newrelic-infra-service[25828]: time=“2020-04-20T10:40:47Z” level=info msg=“Creating Service”

Apr 20 10:40:47 ip-172-31-82-242 newrelic-infra-service[25828]: time=“2020-04-20T10:40:47Z” level=error msg=“can’t load configuration file” component="New Relic Infrastructure Ag

Apr 20 10:40:47 ip-172-31-82-242 newrelic-infra-service[25828]: time=“2020-04-20T10:40:47Z” level=info msg=“agent process exited, stopping agent service daemon…” exit_code=1

HI @lokirahul123,

From the errors you sent it seems that you haven not setup the configuration file running on your EC2 instance.
Look at our documentation for installing the Infrastructure agent on step 1

You need to run the following command:

echo "license_key: YOUR_LICENSE_KEY" | sudo tee -a /etc/newrelic-infra.yml

Replace YOUR_LICENSE_KEY with your real license key and then restart the agent.

Let us know if this helps


Hi @ccastroi have done that part … still i got this

Hello @lokirahul123, the error message indicates an issue with the Infrastructure config file.

Please make sure formatting and attributes in the YAML file match the example config file here:

Ya i already got the solution… i made a mistake in configuration file… i fixed that now it is working fine for me…
and also thankz to provide some solutions for my query

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Thanks for confirming this is solved for you now :smiley: