An error occured while trying to load your account information

Hello, when I log into my newRelic account, I cannot access any of my account details. I get an error message saying to contact a NewRelic representative.

I need to know 1.) what plan our corporate account using. 2.) how it is being billed.

If someone could in touch.

Many thanks

Hi @adam.brown, sorry to hear you are seeing an error! I have created a ticket on your behalf. One of our support agents will be in touch soon to get your questions to the appropriate team :blush:.


Hi Ghoran, that’s great to hear, many thanks for letting me know!


Hi Ghoran, it’s been a few days now, I’ve not heard anything from anyone. Could someone get in touch maybe via email? The main problem is I get an error message when I try to view my plan or change payment, etc. Many thanks, Adam

Hi @adam.brown :wave:, I have checked in on your ticket. I can see our accounts team have been in touch with you now. Thank you!