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AndroidX - interactions not reported



Hi! Is the Android SDK compatible with AndroidX? I’m looking at the Interactions tab and I can see there’s only one activity being reported - It’s called “ComponentActivity”. The weird thing about it is that we don’t have such activity in our code. What is it?


Hi @Rafal.Kobylko , the New Relic Android SDK should work with AndroidX. Regarding the issue of the interactions, I would suggest you check out the below level-up post.


We have the same issue as described. After migrating to AdnroidX we have no interactions reported in our NewRelic Android apps. Can you confirm that it is tested with the latest version of the SDK that interactions are recorded?


@atanas.simeonov, Androidx library is not instrumented by default at the moment. It has been add to our road map. You can keep an eye on our release notes for any update.

In the meantime, you can instrument custom interactions by using our API.


Thanks for the update @xlu. We are looking forward for the SDK release.


Can you give us a timeline when the new version that supports AndroidX is planned to be released? Some timeline if possible. In general the issue is quite annoying and it is stopping us from upgrading to AndroidX.
Thanks in advance, cheers Atanas.