Annotate daemonset via helm chart

Good afternoon, I am installing the infrastructure via helm:

For security reasons, I am storing license key using a secret. This secret is first created with some random value which is then manually updated with the corresponding key.
When this update happens, I need to be able to restart the daemonset so new pods are created taking the new secret’s value.
I am using for similar tasks, but in order to use this here, I’d need to be able to annotate the daemonset.

Would it be possible to add support for annotating daemonset? If not, any suggestions on how to restart daemonset when k8s secret’s value changes?


@GBarbitta2 Thank you for being patient with getting a response to your issue. In viewing your account I see you do have access to ticketing support so I’m going to open a ticket so that our team can take a closer look at this with you. Expect an email from them soon!