Announcing Nerd Bytes - Weekly tips, tricks, & ideas about New Relic and observability

Hi New Relic Users!

We recently launched a new video series called Nerd Bytes, bite-sized videos to provide you with tips, tricks, and ideas regarding your use of the New Relic platform.

Produced by engineers and practitioners for engineers and practitioners.

The video series covers a range of topics, with each episode focusing on a single small topic. Keeping these videos short is a priority. We want you to be able to see an episode come in, and not worry about it taking too much time to watch it.

Check out the videos published so far here: image

We launch 2 episodes a week, so keep watching for more coming very soon.

Let’s automate delivery!

These videos are a great way to learn more about New Relic, to get a view into how certain features work or to get some key concepts explained very very quickly! But having to go search for videos like this adds some toil to the process. We want this to be as easy as possible for you to get that content.

So here’s how we can quickly automate delivery of these episodes right to you and your teams as soon as a new episode is launched.

Slack -

Note: You may need to enable the RSS app in your Slack Workspace, if so, you’ll find that here.

Simply paste the following into your Slack channel - this will get that channel subscribed to the RSS feed for our YouTube playlist

/feed subscribe

Here’s what it looks like when a new episode is then launched:

Microsoft Teams -

  1. First - go to Apps and search for RSS, open the first app in the results and then hit add to team.
  2. Specify what channel this RSS feed should go to.
  3. Configure the connector with the Playlist URL:
  4. Hit save!!

Here’s what it looks like in Teams when a new episode is launched:

Please do share your feedback in the comments here and let us know what you think!