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Announcing our new navigation and visual theme



Hello New Relic community,

It brings me great pride to announce the launch of our new product visual design and navigation!

We’ve been working hard over the last several months on to create an updated product design that takes advantage of some of the latest (and best) trends in visual design, adds more consistency among our products (like New Relic Insights), and gets out of your way by emphasizing what’s most important: Your software’s data.

In addition to the visual changes, we’ve also re-worked our navigation to better accommodate our growing product suite and provide a more elegant way to support your workflow. To achieve this, we needed to carefully balance which navigational items are surfaced and which are hidden (depending on where you are), and most importantly, ensure everything is organized to match the mental model of our customers.

Here are some of the most notable changes:

  • A top horizontal nav for alternating between high-level products like APM, Browser monitoring, Mobile monitoring, and Insights.

  • When inside a “monitorable” (such as the APM overview of your Web application or the overview of your server), we’ve provided a single left-side vertical navigation strip for all areas relating to your app. This means no more hover dancing on tabs to see what sub-navigation items are available to you.

  • We’re using a new font (Gotham Narrow) that has great readability and aesthetics. It also fits well within the space constraints of our charts and widgets.

  • We’ve reduced the contrast of containers and site “chrome" in order to maximize the visibility of charts and data.

  • Installed plugins are no longer surfaced at the highest level of navigation. We did this in order to contain the number of visible nav items, be more consistent with our information architecture, and make room for more features to come.

We think we’ve delivered a quality UI design that is a pleasure to use and enhances the usability experience of our products. That said, please excuse the fresh paint :slight_smile: If you encounter any issues or have any feedback, we’ve included a feedback link right in the product UI, or feel free to comment here or work with our support team.

All the best,

Etan Lightstone
Director of UX Design

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Feedback form doesn’t allow pictures. Pictures make it easier to describe problems.

EG font wrapping:

Also the font is not awesome for tabular text data but my eyes will adjust. Fixed length data, dates in this case, are easiest to read in a fixed width font. Narrow fonts make beautiful headings, navigation, and other standalone text. Time/vetica fonts are great for bodies of text.

Overall, everything is spaced apart 2x more than it needs to be.
Current:                  Compacted:

A compact mode like gmail would be great for power users …ahem… data nerds.


Overall it looks like a nice update. It works much better on mobile now with the responsive layout.

Our main complaint so far is it’s difficult to specify an “ending now” time of less than 30 minutes. When doing deployments we are typically watching the last 10 minutes worth of data - 30 minutes is too much. The old UI made this easy. It’s possible now by zooming in on the map, then navigating forward using “move forward x minutes” but it’s a pain.



I do like the new UI, but as @squirly mentioned, some of the font wrapping is odd. A more extreme display of the problem is the labels for Recent Events, e.g on the Applications page:

Also the side menu changes formatting between Account Settings and Connected Agents.

Account Settings: Connected Agents:


pmcmanus, you can still change the time span by using the Time Picker in its new location:


I understand that. My point remains though - it is now much more tricky to set the new Time Picker to “Last 10 minutes ending now”.


“Installed plugins are no longer surfaced at the highest level of navigation.”

Where are they surfaced? I can’t find the reports from my Redis and AWS plugins.


A while back, I, along with a number of others, gave you some stick about the change you made the nav bar.

I just wanted to say that apart from two issues, I’m really enjoying the new UI.

  1. Could you have chosen animated AJAX loader icons that were any bigger? I feel like I’m in some insane visual experience each time the page loads. My whole screen seems to lean to one side. Could you shrink them just a bit? :smiley:
  2. Please can you sort the list of applications in the drop-down alphabetically?

Time will tell if the slightly altered visual appearance of the graphs has hindered reading the data, or if navigating the site while under extreme pressure is any more difficult. Other than that, good work.


There seems to be an HTML-escaping issue in some of the heading bars.

I also would like an option to increase the contrast. I have a real hard time reading the content.

While it looks beautiful, I find it harder to read than before.


Hi @will_garner,

If you are seeing just a list of available plugins (“Plugin Central”), you can find your reports on installed plugins from the drop-down menu in the upper-left:

Once you’ve navigated down to a plugin, you’ll see an always-visible list of installed plugins in the leftmost column:


The new UI is fine, but the color scheme needs to be fixed, the pastel colors lack contrast and I have to spend a lot more effort taking in the information than with the original color scheme.

Maybe implement themes that substitute the css so its configurable per sub-user or on a browser/cookie basis.


I love the new UI, it’s easier to move about and navigate. However the color scheme is terrible. It physically makes my eyes hurt, i’m not just saying that, it actually hurts after looking at the page too long. The problem is that everything is way to clear and white. It makes it difficult to differentiate graphs between one another. I showed the new changes to our UI department and they all cringed.

Is there any way to roll back to the old color schema? The interface is fine, it’s just the colors.


Hi @jsprout

Thanks for getting in touch, indeed our new UI is only brand new and there will be some teething problems and we are looking for customers to let us know their thoughts so we can evolve the UI in the best direction.

We are having a discussion about this in another thread and it might be worth making sure your points are made there too.

If you like you can also use our public form to submit suggestions for any issues you are having with the UI. However unfortunately, there is no rollback to the old version, we hope to make the new UI ideal for everyone. If you are using this feedback form, it would be great if you include a permalink as this would help us see the page and data as you were seeing it.


If we could revert back to old color scheme to get high contrast back and not have to squint eyes on pastel colors, that would be great.


Does it look this terrible for anyone else? I have a feeling the designers only looked at this on Mac. This is what it looks like in Opera 24 and Chrome 37. IE 11 looks even worse.


I don’t have the left-side navigation panel on the Plugins page:


@will_garner, the reason you have no left-side navigation panel is because you have no plugins installed and reporting data to us. Once a plugin reports data, the left-side navigation panel will appear and name of the plugin instance will be displayed there.


Hello @cbornhoft. What are your concerns about the image you included? I understand you don’t like the design but we want to understand what your specific concerns are.

Also, would you be willing to let us know what OS you are using?


I agree that the font aliasing for this font isn’t great under Chrome on Windows - even with the latest changes to Chrome’s font rendering engine.