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Announcing our new navigation and visual theme


The new UI is fine, but the color scheme needs to be fixed, the pastel colors lack contrast and I have to spend a lot more effort taking in the information than with the original color scheme.

Maybe implement themes that substitute the css so its configurable per sub-user or on a browser/cookie basis.


I love the new UI, it’s easier to move about and navigate. However the color scheme is terrible. It physically makes my eyes hurt, i’m not just saying that, it actually hurts after looking at the page too long. The problem is that everything is way to clear and white. It makes it difficult to differentiate graphs between one another. I showed the new changes to our UI department and they all cringed.

Is there any way to roll back to the old color schema? The interface is fine, it’s just the colors.


Hi @jsprout

Thanks for getting in touch, indeed our new UI is only brand new and there will be some teething problems and we are looking for customers to let us know their thoughts so we can evolve the UI in the best direction.

We are having a discussion about this in another thread and it might be worth making sure your points are made there too.

If you like you can also use our public form to submit suggestions for any issues you are having with the UI. However unfortunately, there is no rollback to the old version, we hope to make the new UI ideal for everyone. If you are using this feedback form, it would be great if you include a permalink as this would help us see the page and data as you were seeing it.


If we could revert back to old color scheme to get high contrast back and not have to squint eyes on pastel colors, that would be great.


Does it look this terrible for anyone else? I have a feeling the designers only looked at this on Mac. This is what it looks like in Opera 24 and Chrome 37. IE 11 looks even worse.


I don’t have the left-side navigation panel on the Plugins page:


@will_garner, the reason you have no left-side navigation panel is because you have no plugins installed and reporting data to us. Once a plugin reports data, the left-side navigation panel will appear and name of the plugin instance will be displayed there.


Hello @cbornhoft. What are your concerns about the image you included? I understand you don’t like the design but we want to understand what your specific concerns are.

Also, would you be willing to let us know what OS you are using?


I agree that the font aliasing for this font isn’t great under Chrome on Windows - even with the latest changes to Chrome’s font rendering engine.


You don’t notice how jagged and aliased the font is? To me the readability is reduced because it almost makes the UI look slightly blurry. Compare that to a similar font like Open Sans and you notice the difference immediately.

The new design itself is excellent, it’s purely the font that’s very difficult to read for extended periods of time.


We’ve already logged a bug on the font issue, and it does seem to be limited to Windows (Firefox and Chrome, I believe). We’re working on getting this resolved as soon as we can. Thanks!


On another note, you’ve just (I think) removed the total disk space free (in GB) from the servers list. It only shows as a percentage. This isn’t useful as 5% free on a 100GB disk is very different from 1TB disk. There is tons of space there, please can you add it back?


Three things:

  1. I can no longer edit server names (the pencil doesn’t show)
  2. Clicking the gear icon next to a server listing and selecting “Change Settings” takes me to your “Error 404” page
  3. Trying to remove a server that has been discontinued initially threw an error, but when I went back to check what the error was, the page was refreshed and the server was deleted.


@llawson, Thank you - indeed it looks like my plugins had stopped reporting. Not sure why that was, but it was easy enough to rebuild them. Now I see the UI as described by Ralph. Thanks for the help.


Thanks @rwilliams, we logged the server issues as well as @shadow’s request for the disk free space to be returned with our Servers team, and they’re working the bugs into their queue.

And @jsprout and @mwill, we’re looking at the color contrast to see if we can make some adjustments that increase legibility.

@m_viehweger we already logged the issue you’re seeing, and it should be resolved soon. Thanks!



I never got around to saying thanks for adding the memory/disk free/totals back to the UI… thanks :slight_smile:


Also, any comment on the sorting of application names in the drop-down list?


Happy to be able to help by bringing useful data like memory/disk free/totals back, and always happy to learn what is and isn’t useful to you!

The application names in the application drop down list are sorted by “most commonly used,” so applications you use most often should be at the top of the list. For less commonly used applications that might not be showing in the list, I suggest trying the application drop down search.

Application Name drop-down sort order

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