Announcing Service Level Management General Availability

Today, we’re announcing that service levels are now generally available as part of New Relic One. Service level management provides cross-organizational teams a common definition of reliability and gives site reliability engineers, developers, IT admins, and business leaders a way to easily define, consume, and iterate on service level indicators (SLIs) and service level objectives (SLOs).

A single-click setup and our powerful recommendation engine can take the complexity and manual legwork away from establishing SLOs and SLIs. Now the entire organization can stay informed on SLO compliance, error budgets, and SLI attainment, with both operational day-to-day views for engineers and period-over-period reports for business leaders. Teams can take action around service level concerns by connecting to alert workflows and the additional system context provided in New Relic One.

Capabilities and benefits:

  • One-click setup: Create SLIs in one click and automatically establish a baseline of desired performance and reliability for SLO compliance.
  • Guided configuration: Use recommendations powered by historical data to establish benchmarks and customize and configure SLIs and SLOs.
  • SLO/SLI automation and organization: Set service boundaries and track reliability across teams based on automatic benchmarks, tags, reports, bespoke views for both service owners and business leaders, and automation via Terraform.
  • Unified reporting and alerting: Monitor and alert on SLI attainment, SLO compliance metrics, and error budgets in a unified, transparent dashboard. Tie these measurements back to customer-facing SLAs to ensure compliance and reduce risk.
  • Free access: All service level management capabilities are available for New Relic customers with full platform access for no additional cost.

How to get started

Managing service level definitions and visualizations can be difficult if you’re starting from scratch. It’s like writing a long paper—it’s always harder to get started when the page is blank.

If you’re looking to quickly establish a baseline for SLIs and SLOs in New Relic One, just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to New Relic and select APM from the navigation menu at the top.
  2. Select the service entity where you’d like to establish SLIs.
  3. Then, on the left-hand menu, scroll down under Reports and select the Service Levels.
  4. You should see a screen similar to this:

From here, all you do is select the Add baseline service level objectives button. After a single click, you can sit back and relax and let New Relic do the work for you.

Here’s an example of the recommendations you’ll see:

Learn more about service level management with New Relic

Service level management is now available with a full platform user license in New Relic One. You can try it for free today at Your free account includes 100 GB/month of data ingest, one full platform user, and unlimited basic users.

Read the service level management documentation to learn more about how service levels work and how to customize your SLIs and SLOs, or read our use case implementation guide for even more detail.