Announcing the v1.1 release of Tag Improver nerdpack!

Tags in NR1 are essential

You know that iconic scene from The Wizard of Oz, where Dorothy steps out of her house-turned-aircraft, and the world shifts from drab monochrome to dazzling Technicolor? Well that’s pretty much the difference in user experience when moving from not employing tags at all to fully realizing the power of tagged entities in NR1.

Most users are familiar with the concept of tags as a means of more easily and efficiently organizing and grouping entities. Tags allow you to quickly filter to a set of entities in Explorer, define a Workload, or organize Dashboards, and we’re constantly extending the utility of tags across the NR1 platform.

However, before one can leverage all of the many benefits of fully tagged entities within the platform, there’s some work to be done. Namely, adding the tags to your entities! Currently, there are several means of adding tag metadata to an entity in NR1. But there are still some limitations. Enter the Tag Improver!

Tag Improver helps you get maximum value from New Relic One by simplifying the process of creating and managing a good tagging strategy. Define the important entity tags for your environment, report on coverage, and view overall tag usage across everything you own. And now with the v1.1 release, we’ve added more capabilities and usability improvements to enable you to:

  • View tag policy compliance across entities on an account, by entity type
  • Identify entities out of compliance and quickly fix
  • View all tags in use across an account, by entity type
  • View all values in use for a selected tag

Benefits of Tag Improver

Policy tab

Tag Improver introduces the concept of “tag policies” which define a set of tags and their enforcement level within an account. Users can specify whether a tag is Required or Optional. Only tags that are identified as Required will be considered when assessing tag policy compliance. As a convenience, we provide you with a default tag policy on deployment of Tag Improver that you may edit to better fit and drive your organization’s tagging strategy.

Tag Analyzer tab

In the Tag Analyzer tab, users can view and analyze all of the tags currently in use for a given entity type in their selected account(s), including those defined in the tag policy but not currently defined for any entities. Tag Analyzer displays all tags in use across the entities of a specific entity type, not just those defined in the tag policy, providing a consolidated and complete view.

With the v1.1 release, users can now seamlessly move from identifying a cohort of entities with a particular value for a tag (or no value at all if undefined) in the Tag Analyzer tab and then operate on those entities in the Entities tab. This new and convenient workflow makes closing coverage gaps and enforcing an organization’s tag policy easy. Some of the other benefits & improvements include:

  • Identifying high-cardinality tags and inspecting for duplicate or redundant values
  • Identifying and managing duplicate or redundant tag keys (ex. “Environment” vs. “environment”)
  • Identifying non-policy tags with high coverage to incorporate into the tag policy

Entities tab

In the Policy tab, you can define a policy for tag governance across your account. In the Tag Analyzer tab, you can view adherence to that coverage and values in use. In the Entities tab, it all comes together. As the name indicates, the Entities tab provides an entity-centric view of tags and tag policy coverage, along with the ability to add, modify, or remove tags or values on those entities.


As with anything, a few caveats:

  • Tag Improver currently does not recognize the mutability of tags. Attempts to add or edit an immutable tag will result in creating a new tag key but scoped to the user. A future release of Tag Improver is planned to address and remedy this behavior.
  • A manual refresh Tag Improver may be needed to reflect some changes implemented (bulk edit actions)
  • Tag Improver, like many Nerdpacks, employs Nerdstore for storage needs; at this time, tag policies are user-scoped. This limitation will be addressed in a future release of Tag Improver or other tag management functionality in NR1.

So useful! Thanks for such a complete walk through.