Another MySQL access denied issue

The server integration is working fine. However, one a couple of my servers (CentOS6
.10 Final running MariaDB 10.4.14) I always get the following:

Jan 5 15:10:43 server1 newrelic-infra: time=“2021-01-05T15:10:43-08:00” level=error msg=“Integration command failed” error=“exit status 2” instance=mysql-server integration=com.newrelic.mysql prefix=config/mysql stderr="[FATAL] can’t continue: Error 1045: Access denied for user ‘nr_monitor’@‘server1’ (using password: YES)\npanic: Error 1045: Access denied for user ‘nr_monitor’@‘server1’ (using password: YES)\n\ngoroutine 1 [running]:\, 0xc42000d460)\n\t/data/jenkins/infra-integrations-nri-mysql-release-linux-package-2/go/src/ +0xd5\nmain.fatalIfErr(0x781b80, 0xc42000d460)\n\t/data/jenkins/infra-integrations-nri-mysql-release-linux-package-2/go/src/ +0x44\nmain.main()\n\t/data/jenkins/infra-integrations-nri-mysql-release-linux-package-2/go/src/ +0x26d\n" working-dir=/v
Jan 5 15:10:43 server1 newrelic-infra: ar/db/newrelic-infra/newrelic-integrations

I’ve tried numerous permutations of user/host to no avail. I can log in locally from the server using this database account just fine, and I have even tried ‘nr_monitor’@’%’, but no dice.

Any guidance appreciated.

Hi @rlbyrd, this error is being sent from the database rather than generated by the Integration. This may happen if your root@localhost database user was not granted the necessary rights to access the database. Or if you provided a wrong password.

Would you mind sharing your privileges that you have granted? :slight_smile: