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Any documentation describing how app is affected by potential New Relic failures


Our client needs some documentation describing what impact (if any) a failure within New Relic itself has on the mobile application, e.g. if New Relic endpoints timeout or has an internal failure - will the mobile application be affected in function or performance?


Hey, @9c8c27d872477222715a hrmmm, I’m not sure that we have documentation on this, but happy to lend a hand!

It sounds like your client’s concern is primarily regarding whether a New Relic crash will bring down the App as well, correct? Typically, New Relic caused App crashes are few and far between, but I cannot say with certainty that they are impossible. More frequently, it’s common to see a stack trace point to New Relic as the cause when our Agent is simply doing work at the time of the crash (rather than causing it).

As far as Agent failures go, you’re more likely to see New Relic fail to instrument correctly at the time of the App launch and instantiation in which case the App should continue to work as expected. When this occurred, you’d likely see a lack of data in a session.

In either of these cases, my team and I are always happy to lend a hand and investigate with you!