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Any tool in New relic to stop my alerts when i am doing maintenance?


I am goin to do maintenance is sometime and I don’t want those alerts coming in.

how to stop them in new relic and any steps available?


Hi, @rajeshkumar.avn: Yes, you may use the REST API to disable alert conditions at the beginning of a maintenance window, and re-enable them afterward.


Thank you for the Quick response Philweber

can we set any specific time or we have manually do the process phil?


can we set any specific time for disable alert?


You must write a script to call the API, and run the script at the desired time. It is not currently possible to disable alert conditions on a schedule within New Relic Alerts.


ok… are they working on auto enabling feature after certain time period ??


I am not on the product team; I do not know if that feature is on the road map. I can only tell you how the product works today.


ok thanksmate :slight_smile:


Adding on to this thread - @philweber & @rajeshkumar.avn -

A built in Maintenance Window feature is on the Alerts Roadmap - the engineering team has recently started investigating this and the methods to implement that.

We don’t currently have an ETA - but it is coming, and we’ll be sure to update the Community when that becomes available.


I don’t recall if I have mentioned this one, but, it could be VERY critical. Maintenance events are often times only on a single server/entity. So, turning off the entire alert condition would be overkill.


@rajeshkumar.avn I think Monitor downtime can put the monitor in No Alert state. You can specify the time and date and your monitor will be in no Alert state.
Apart from that you can disable the monitor during your maintenance window which is a manual process.
Or you can even turn off a particular alert condition during your maintenance window.


Thank you, @devopsai3. You are correct that New Relic Synthetics has a feature to disable monitoring during scheduled maintenance times. But that feature applies only to Synthetics; it will not help with infrastructure or server application monitoring.