Anyone installed successfully nri-network-telemetry?

Hi, I have some problems with the installation of Nri-network-telemetry.

First problems was:

=== nri-network-telemetry === [ lint ]: Validating source code running golangci-lint…
make: golangci-lint: Command not found
make: *** [lint] Error 127

The resolution is:

curl -sfL| sh -s – -b $(go env GOPATH)/bin v1.20.0

But now, the problem is:

=== nri-network-telemetry === [ deps ]: Installing package dependencies required by the project…
=== nri-network-telemetry === [ deps ]: Detected ‘Go Modules’
=== nri-network-telemetry === [ lint ]: Validating source code running golangci-lint…
internal/flowhandler/ipfix.go:97:1: cognitive complexity 37 of func (*IpfixHandler).handlePacketForAgent is high (> 30) (gocognit)
func (h *IpfixHandler) handlePacketForAgent(agent string, packetChan chan []byte) {
internal/httpserver/server.go:78:17: mnd: Magic number: 200, in detected (gomnd)
cmd/nri-network-telemetry/config.go:46:19: mnd: Magic number: 6343, in detected (gomnd)
Port: 6343,
internal/flowhandler/server.go:158:9: mnd: Magic number: 5, in detected (gomnd)
case 5: // Sflow
internal/flowhandler/server.go:161:9: mnd: Magic number: 10, in detected (gomnd)
case 10: // IPFIX
make: *** [lint] Error 1

Has this happened to anyone?

Interesting - I haven’t seen these errors before @wsantos2

Let me pull in @dgolden & @joelworrall - who have far more expertise in the open sourced Nerdpacks than I have. I’m sure they’ll have thoughts here.

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Hey, @wsantos2 :wave: . I have successfully installed nr1-network-telemetry but not nri-network-telemetry. The latter is, to my knowledge, is an early version of a network telemetry integration for New Relic but is unsupported and is not under active development. You should try out the current version (nr1-network-telemetry) which was updated as recently as yesterday.

Ahh! My apologies, this is my fault. I misread your question @wsantos2 - NR1 Network Telemetry is the nerdpack, that I believed you were talking about.

NRI is the network telemetry integration, that belongs in a different category; I’ll get this post moved into the right space for your question.

Sorry about that.

I also have the same issue when I compile go make.

Thanks for chiming in here

@wsantos2 &

I have looked internally and spoken with a few people, and as far as I can see, the nri-network-telemetry integration is supported by it’s developers, not by the New Relic Support Team.

You will get the most help by posting in the Github Issues page for this integration:

Would you be able to go ahead and share as much info as possible in that issues page?

As far as I can tell most issues with this are related to not setting GOPATH and GOPATH/bin.

export GOPATH=/your/gopath/dir
export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin

Now make should compile binaries as expected.

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Thanks for adding that in here @kimathi :+1: