Apache Kafka Plugin

I’d like to know if there are plans in the nearest future for Kafka plugin development?
Kafka is one of the most used components in the big data stack, I am surprised there is no plugin for it yet.

Hi, @imochurad: Kafka exposes performance metrics via JMX; you may be able to use a third-party JMX plugin to report this data to New Relic.

Please note that anyone may create a New Relic plugin; in fact, the majority of existing plugins were written by third parties. If you need a particular plugin, you need not wait for New Relic to develop it; you can write it yourself.

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Actually, I have discovered that Apache Kafka plugin is already incubating:
And yes, I’ve seen that JMX plugin. Not sure how reliable it is.

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As per documentation , this Kafka incubating module is supported on kafka version 0.8 only.
We are using kafka 0.10 and i could not seem to make it work. Can anyone confirm its non-availablity for kafka 0.10 ?