ApacheSample net.requestsPerSecond returning negative values sometimes


So basically my problem is that the net.requestsPerSecond from ApacheSample returns negative values, very rarely, but the values are mostly heavily negative. Also net.bytesPerSecond results in something pretty similar sometimes.

This results in the following query having negative values in it sometimes:
SELECT average(net.requestsPerSecond) AS 'Requests' FROM ApacheSample FACET entityName TIMESERIES Since 1 hour ago

Also these returns negative values sometimes too:
SELECT average(net.bytesPerSecond) AS 'Bytes' FROM ApacheSample FACET entityName TIMESERIES Since 1 hour ago
SELECT average(net.bytesPerSecond) / average(net.requestsPerSecond) AS 'Bytes Sent Per Req' FROM ApacheSample TIMESERIES Since 1 hour ago

A percentile from 99 makes it fine, but I don’t think that is something what I am looking for.

Thanks for any help

@eryk.kolodziej Sorry you have been waiting awhile for a response from our community. I’m going to bring this back to the attention of our support team. Thanks for your patience!

Neal Mc

Hi @eryk.kolodziej, apologies for the delay. Would you be able to send over some debug logs from the Infrastructure agent? Here is a doc that explains how to do this: https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/infrastructure/infrastructure-troubleshooting/troubleshoot-logs/generate-logs-troubleshooting-infrastructure