API declaration? Swagger for example

Hey @ikatz - you’re right about that link to the definitions.json and application_hosts.json being swagger specs that you can find publicly.

What we don’t have publicly is a document detailing our use of swagger, and a doc of swagger specs for our customers to build upon, like you are.

I have spoken with Jemiah about this, he is on the product management team focussed on our open source & programmable, developer ecosystem.

His team are heavily focussed on building out more improved experiences with New Relic in the programmability space. That’s where this post lives right now, as a feature request to improve our public documentation on our Swagger specs and to also include that with developer.newrelic.com
This post is tagged to that feature request, so we can work on getting this thread updated when we have more on that.


I’ve received the go-ahead from our legal team to publicly share the Swagger 2.0 spec that I’ve worked on.


How great! Thank you so much for sharing, @ikatz. :blush: I am sure this will help others in this community!

I hope that it will also expedite work on the feature request that Alexander opened on my behalf.

Would you consider hosting that spec in its own github repository (so that the community can submit improvements to the documentation)? Or would you just host the static file on your own site?

Echoing Linds, thanks so much for sharing this @ikatz

Getting that hosted ourselves, be that in GH, or elsewhere involves getting an internal process started, we can certainly speak to the right people here to see about getting that process kicked off.


That makes sense. I didn’t realize that the existing gem (https://github.com/newrelic/newrelic_api) had been deprecated for such a long time, and so I had (mistakenly) assumed that some existing process had simply lapsed for a bit.

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Hi do you have any feedback on this thread. The OpenAPI documentation would be so useful to implement custom New Relic Clients without relying on the go library. The API explorer is great to test api endpoints but it doesn’t really help developers to implement it.

We want to create a New Relic client in node.js without having to go through declaring each api request or maintaining an OpenAPI documentation of New Relic by ourselves.


I’m afraid I haven’t had an update on this thread since the last replies here. I’ll get your feedback added in here for you.