API Explorer we could fetch your API keys or there are no API key available

we could fetch your API keys or there are no API key available

Hi, @akilandeswarijothi: I believe you must be an account administrator in order for the API Explorer to fetch your API keys. You should still be able to view and copy your keys by selecting API keys from the account menu in the upper-right corner, then paste them into the API Explorer.

Hi @philweber The API Explorer page itself not loading for our clients. Even last week the page was loading. Facing the below issue when opening the page itself

I had some trouble with it in Firefox this week, but it eventually worked in Chrome. Have you tried a different browser?

I will report the issue to our engineers.

We tried in chrome and it was not working.Can you please report this issue.
Also whether it is possible to raise a support case from our end.How to raise support case if needed

If you have the ability to create a support ticket, you may do so at https://support.newrelic.com/. It depends on your subscription level. If you cannot open a ticket, you may receive support in this forum.

Have had the exact same issue in both Chrome and FireFox.

Have tried creating another User api key, logging in and out but the issue has been persistent for around 1+ weeks.

Also noticed a 500 being returned from NR on page load:

We also have the same issue for all of our users. + 1 and submitting a ticket as well.

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Please let us know the ticket number and access to view the ticket.So that we can keep track of it

I don’t know if the ticket is public, but NR asked for some more detail and I have replied to that and if we get a solution in place, I will certainly make sure this gets updated.

It looks like this is an intended change. You now have to have admin rights to have access to the APIExplorer even as a source of documentation. Now, I am still having the issue and they are looking into it further, but no reply on that yet.

From NewRelic

It looks like there was a recent update to prevent non-admin users from accessing an account’s Rest API Key, due to security concerns as the Rest API key can be used to perform actions that a user should not have access to, such as deleting an application. Not having access to the account’s Rest API Key is what is preventing the API Explorer from loading as you need to have access to the REST API key in order for it to load.

If a user has a user API key, they will be able to access NerdGraph to query data.

All that said, if you’re seeing Admins run into issues accessing the API Explorer, can you please provide a few of the impacted emails?