API Monitoring guidelines

New to API monitoring, I was wondering if there is any information out there around what exactly to monitor. Do we monitor all APIs, or just a subset of them?

Thank you!

Hey there, check out this API doc that shows what you can monitor with APIs. :smile:

In addition to the reply by @ryanveitch, are you looking to monitor your own API’s?

If you are then you will need to create a https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/synthetics/new-relic-synthetics/scripting-monitors/write-api-tests. I have a sample API script which you can use as a quick start.


Thanks for the posts. You are right stefan I am looking into monitoring my own APIs. I already have the script ready and seems to be working.

What I am asking is what is the general practice. Do you monitor all APIs, or just pick and choose the ones that are critical?

It depends on yours and your customer’s requirements. We have prioritised on key, critical API calls which can give an indication of configuration or integration issues for production.

I figured that will be the answer :slight_smile: Thank you~~

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