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API not displaying nonexistent metric names as metrics_not_found



I have been using the Rest API to get some data, and as of late I have noticed that even if I type in gibberish in the names[] field I still get a response back with all 0s. A couple weeks ago any name that was not a metric would show up in metrics_not_found, but now they are still displayed. Is this a change made on purpose? The issue seems to be unrelated to the application_id.



Hey @anoop.narra - Thank you for being patient while we looked into this on our side. What you are experiencing is indeed a known issue that our engineering team is working to solve. I will do my best to update this thread when we learn of a solution. If you notice this gets resolved before I do, please be sure to update this thread! Thanks again. :blush:


Is there a list of known/open issues for the API?


@dermot.harris - there’s no public listing of known issues. Are you facing any issue in particular? I’ll be happy to ensure it’s reported to our engineering teams on your behalf.


Is there any progress with this issue? I can still see the same right now


Hey @lyubo1 - I’ve been trying to track this down with the team responsible here - there is no update just yet, but there’s a new bug report I logged today for this so that it get’s bumped up to be seen by the right folks. :slight_smile: