API to enable and disable alerting?

Is it possible to enable/disable alerting using an API? We’re currently using alert policies to monitor site health, but during maintenance it’s difficult to disable each alert manually and then re-enable it. We’d like to be able to hit an API to enable and disable them.


Could you tell me if you’re using our Legacy Alerting or are you using our New Alerts product? If its the latter, you can use the API to update policies based on the server! Let me know which you’re using and we can go from there!

Looks like we’re using the legacy if this article is still correct. Is it possible to opt-in to the new alerting system?

If you are using Legacy alerts I would suggest looking at the Disable or re-enable alerts policies

It is also possible to disable conditions in the new Alerts systems by changing the “enabled”: option to “false”

If the first option is not adequate I would suggest opening a support ticket and requesting activation of the new Alerts for your account.

Thanks - I’ll give it a shot.