APM alert if a single host has X% error rate or higher?


Recently we ran into a situation where a single host in our application had a high error rate. The overall average error rate of the server farm was still under the APM error threshold though. So we weren’t notified about the bad end-user experience. (farm is about 90sh host)

Is it possible to have an alert that will trigger if any host in a specific app has an error rate of 10% or higher?

Hi, @Chris1benassi: If it is a Java application, you may select the option to scope your alert condition to application instances:

Or you might try creating an NRQL alert condition based on a query like this:

SELECT percentage(count(*), WHERE error is true) AS 'Error rate' 
FROM Transaction WHERE appName = 'Your Application' 
FACET host
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Thank you! I found this very helpful

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