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APM Custom Instrumentation



Quick query on Custom Instrumentation:

We are a creating a custom Instrumentation, we are facing a issue here.


The class LinkCreate does not match a loaded class in the JVM. Either the class has not been loaded yet or it does not exist.

Our functionlity will call this class name LinkCreate .

Have anyone faced this before ?



Heya @moses.arock

The class has to be loaded and called within the JVM to be instrumented with the Custom Instrumentation Editor. Does LinkCreate show up in a thread profile?


Hi, @moses.arock: Make sure you specify the fully-qualified class name in the XML file or custom instrumentation editor:



Thanks @philweber and @jfalleur, I will give a try and post here If I am able to progress.


Thanks @moses.arock - I look forward to hear how that goes. :slight_smile:


@RyanVeitch @philweber @jfalleur

I tried to give the fully qualified class name and still i have same issue.



Hi @moses.arock, have you attempted using the Custom Instrumentation UI to try and accomplish what you’re after? It might be worth a look, to help you get the XML files defined correctly for your methods.

This may help highlight the method name our agent sees for your class method, which you could then copy/paste into your XML file.

Let us know if this approach won’t work for your use-case!

~ @jlangdon