APM data for multiple hosts not appearing

The graphs in our APM dashboard (transaction time, apdex score, throughput, errors) are only displaying data associated with 1 of the hosts. Even when selecting one of the other hosts directly, the graphs do not populate with the updated data.

The hosts are operating normally and should be displaying quite a bit of data.

The transactions page is displaying data for the associated hosts, and the aggregate data on the Services - APM selection page is accurate. Additionally, the “Breakout each metric by host” option under hosts also seems to display the correct information.

Hey @occamsfreelance,

Would you be able to send over a permalink to this APM Service?

You can create a permalink by clicking share or the three-dot share icon in the top right of the page. This will allow for a New Relic employee to view the exact account, page, and time period you are viewing. Here is a document that explains this in more detail: https://docs.newrelic.com/whats-new/share-dashboards-curated-views-permalinks