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APM Database Query



Hi Explorer’s

Can you please let me know what is the 136 s specify here in the below screen print ?
Coz when I oculd see the min and max time took to execute the query.



136 seconds is the average time taken by that query per minute during the specified time window: 0.75 ms per call x 181,000 calls per minute = approx. 136 seconds.


Hi @philweber thanks for clarification. I am able to see Min and Max time in the screen print I have pasted earlier.



Ah, yes, I see them in the popup window, sorry for the misinformation.


not a problem at all @philweber I wanted to check how many time a database query was calling during a particular transaction.

I am able to see in Transaction Trace. But need to see it as a report. Am not able to see in Database Report in APM.



Hi Moses,

I could be a little late to the party, you can get a CSV exportable table, by appending your RPM link as such

You can do the same for databases

I hope this helps


Thanks @Nemo I wanted to know the database details (like call count / min and maxn / avg txn calls with respect to the transaction.

Like this transaction took these many DB call ? to be specific.


Do you have a permalink that I can investigate?


Thanks @Nemo I have messaged you the permalink. Please check.


Super got it there, checking now !