APM | Database | Show All Database Operations Tables "Page Unresponsive"

For the past few weeks where I attempt Show all Database Operations Tables after a few minutes I get a window stating “Page Unresponsive”

Hey @mferguson, is this in the new view or the original view? Would you mind sharing a link to the entity? I’m not able to recreate this behavior on my own account but sometimes these kinds of issues happen on a per account or per application basis. A link will give me a good place to start digging.

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I get to the link from New Relic One | APM | [Application] | Databases | Show All Databases Operations Table:

@mferguson I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get back to this. Thank you for sharing that link. There’s definitely something weird going on there. I’ve opened support ticket for this so we can take a closer look at this behavior.

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