APM JVMs: NRQL for line charts and table charts


This is feedback / enhancement request.

I would like the ability to see the NRQL behind the table charts and line charts on a Services-APM-JVMs web page. Currently, the ellipses are missing. Here is a permalink to an example.


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Hi, @phil.kritzman: While you wait for this enhancement, you may see the queries by going to the metrics explorer for your application and searching for “GC” and/or “JmxBuiltIn”:

The JVM data should be queryable via NRQL. We are considering building an instrumentation to inject dashboards via NR API for our containerised JAVA micro services. We want to put JVM data in addition to all other data (AMP, relevant Docker insight metrics etc.), but the JVM data is missing.

In addition, it would be good to see JVM data enriched with custom host/AMP attributes to be able to implement a FACET clause with those custom attributes.
The JVM metric view looks outdated in NR.

Hello @vadim.loginov1, it is good to see you again!

Thank you for reaching out in support of this enhancement as well as providing some further detail. If we get any updates regarding this we will be sure to reach out and inform the community!

Please reach out if there is anything we can help with.

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