APM Metrics suddenly Ended

Newbie here learning the products and functionality.

Have had APM agent installed on 1 Stage server and 2 Production servers the past month collecting all sorts of data! 2 days ago the 2 Production servers stopped sending data through the APM Agent. No alerts, no notification, I just happened to notice it when I went in to do some baseline analysis.

APM Agent language - .NET
APM Agent Version -
OS - Windows 10

Is the correct course of action to do a restart of IIS? Is this a normal behavior as I’ve seen some reports of issues with DNS and TCP failures in the past,

Is there a notification I can configure for when APM stops receiving data? That’s obviously critical to monitoring our production environments.

Hi @Craig.Tarr - Aside from reviewing the .Net Agent Troubleshooting documentation and checking that the server is configured to access the New Relic collectors, I have no additional information on why the data is not appearing.

With regard to the alerting, you may want to look at configuring Loss of Signal alerts.

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OK thanks Stefan good feedback.

I’ll go through the Loss of Signal documentation and get that configured.


After some additional testing we found that the only resolution was to run the Repair option for the NewRelicDotNetAgent. And then issue the IISRESET.

Fixing the registry by hand did not restore APM data.

This all stemmed from an unknown server reboot and so we’re still not sure why the agent was corrupted. But the good news is following this practice in the future should make it easy to get back up and running.