APM Metrics suddenly Ended

Newbie here learning the products and functionality.

Have had APM agent installed on 1 Stage server and 2 Production servers the past month collecting all sorts of data! 2 days ago the 2 Production servers stopped sending data through the APM Agent. No alerts, no notification, I just happened to notice it when I went in to do some baseline analysis.

APM Agent language - .NET
APM Agent Version -
OS - Windows 10

Is the correct course of action to do a restart of IIS? Is this a normal behavior as I’ve seen some reports of issues with DNS and TCP failures in the past,

Is there a notification I can configure for when APM stops receiving data? That’s obviously critical to monitoring our production environments.

Hi @Craig.Tarr - Aside from reviewing the .Net Agent Troubleshooting documentation and checking that the server is configured to access the New Relic collectors, I have no additional information on why the data is not appearing.

With regard to the alerting, you may want to look at configuring Loss of Signal alerts.

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OK thanks Stefan good feedback.

I’ll go through the Loss of Signal documentation and get that configured.