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APM Montiors for Specific Environments - How to Separate VLANs


Hello friends and neighbors,

I am a new user of New Relic, I am a Application Analyst for an eCommerce company and we are wanting to implement New Relic onto our servers to primary monitor the following:

  • Windows Server Resources Monitoring
  • IIS Application Availability Alerting
  • Configure dashboards to centralize the above data.

Currently, we installed the .net agent onto our production web server and it created an entry under New Relic’s APM page, but this page contains every server in that VLAN, we wanted a monitor that would allow us to control which server was being monitored. We have 5 VLANs operating off the same firewall, load balancer and set of 6 hypervisors but primarily want to only to montior our Production servers.

Is there a way for us to specifically configure a monitor for a specific group of servers, such as “Production B2B Environment” that would only have 12 nodes, and another group for QA B2B Environment that would have 6 etc. etc. and be able to separate the details needed in the APM?


Hi Dave,

Thanks for reaching out with your question, I wonder could you help clarify for me what you mean by,

Is there a way for us to specifically configure a monitor for a specific group of servers

The .net agent, will monitor specific apps, and not groups of servers, unless they are all hosts for that application.

The quickest way to do this is to create a local ‘newrelic.config’ file for each application, and that will allow them to appear in APM.

I hope this gives you more clarity, This Doc may be of more assitance NewRelic.config options