APM .NET CORE 2.0 Installation Help

Hi all, I am struggling to set up APM reporting for applications running on our windows server 2012 using IIS. We have several applications all running under the same website. I have installed the .net monitoring agent and a good portion of the applications are reporting to APM on New Relic.

However, a portion of our applications are running .NET CORE 2.0. It looks like the apps not reporting are limited to the .NET CORE 2.0 apps. From New Relic’s documentation I can see there is a separate agent installation required to monitor these apps. I cannot get the .net core 2.0 agent installed and/or working correctly. The documentation seems very vague in regards to installation and I don’t understand what needs to be done. Do I need to install an agent per application? What does installation look like as the only instructions I can find are for extracting contents from a zip file. The documentation also refers to setting environment variables per application. How can this be done as I believe all the apps are running under the same user so the environment variables overwrite each other. Any help would be appreciated. Sorry if some of these questions are silly, my background is not in Windows or IIS.


Hi @dcourts

Could you take a look at <this post> and let me know if it helps clarify things with the .NET Core agent?

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I agree with you… the documentation for .Net CORE is really vague…

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