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ii newrelic-netcore20-agent all The New Relic .NET Agent for CoreCLR

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We have dotnet core application on Ubuntu 16.04. we set the newrelic agent on the server. But we cant find how can we get our datas APM interface on the Newrelic web page. Could you please help us for this problem?

Thank you.

could you please help us?

Hi @bilgisistemleri,

Thanks for posting in the community forum ! I see that you are having an issue getting your dotnet core applications on ubuntu reporting to Newrelic.

I’m going to create a support ticket on your behalf in which we can get some more information from you.

Watch out an email regarding the ticket! :blush:

Hello again,

We found the monitoring link in the logs and now we are getting APM logs on the APM interface.

But now we have another problem. If we start the application with “$CORECLR_NEWRELIC_HOME/run.sh dotnet Raven.UI.PostaWeb.dll” command, the our application is starting with and newrelic APM just listen 13000 port. How can we change this port from 13000 to 80?

This is critical for us, please help us urgently.

Thank you.

Hi @bilgisistemleri

Great to hear that your issue is now resolved from the ticket, would you mind sharing how you got this issue resolved so other members of our community can learn from your experience with using APM on Dotnet Core.

Thanks :slight_smile: