APM pricing model for one host, two docker containers with one JVM each

We use Compute Unit pricing and want to set New Relic Browser instrumentation and we’ve chose to use the Java Agent APM for that.

The problem that we face is that for the two java microservices that we are monitoring with --javaaagent… on two docker containers that are running on the ONE m3.medium ec2 instance, we get billed double( like we would be monitoring two JVM on two m3.medium instances)

How to address this problem?
For example, would it work to set “Host pricing” for APM feature in order to be able to run the APM instrumentation for Browser with --javaagent in such a way that we pay only once for one this single m3.medium host?

Hi there @catalincostea -

I have good news for you - we do not charge extra for containers, we only charge by the host. You can find more information about how we calculate Compute Unit Pricing in our docs.

There is, of course, also some not-great news, which is that the page that displays CPU pricing currently does not differentiate between hosts and containers. Developer are still reviewing this issue.

So, that page display is incorrect, but your billing should be in line with the docs.

Please let me know if you need more information or assistance.

Hey @hross -

Has this behavior changed since March 2017? Specifically the differentiation between hosts and containers as it pertains to pricing APM within Kuberentes deployments (many containers)?

Hi there @cvanhorn - welcome back to the community! As far as I know, this has not changed. But if you are seeing something odd, we definitely encourage you to speak to a New Relic account rep. I can help connect you if you aren’t sure who to speak with. Just let me know.

Hi @cvanhorn, @hross and @catalincostea

Did you get a response from your account exec on this? I am facing a similar issue. Could you share how the hourly CUs for your containers are calculated?

Hi @gerry1 -

The formula we use is available in our docs here:


If you feel like something is off, definitely work with your account rep, and let me know if you need help getting connected.