APM support for asp.net core app running on http.sys in a Windows Service

I’ve got an asp.net core application running as a Windows Serivce using http.sys. Does the New Relic Agent support this? And, how would I set the app name? I don’t want to do it globally because there are other apps running, and I’m not sure how I can set it for a service.



Hi @dan.crevier -

Although I haven’t tested the use of http.sys the agent should work with that. The agent monitors asp.net core at the middleware pipeline level so shouldn’t care about the web server.

You can copy newrelic.config to the same directory as your app’s exe (or dll) and set the name there.

If you have a way to set per-process environment variables then you can also use the environment variable NEW_RELIC_APP_NAME to set the app name.

There is also a SetApplicationName API call.

Let us know how things go.


I meant to follow up here. I got it working, thanks to the great article from Relic Solution: .NET Core Agent Installation Troubleshooting in Windows. I had to explicitly grant NETWORK SERVICE read/write/execute permissions to the agent folder.

I haven’t been able to get browser instrumentation working though. It doesn’t seem to be injecting the javascript into the pages. Any ideas?


Hi @dan.crevier,

That’s great! I’m really happy you were able to track down the issue with the permissions.

As for Browser, the .NET Core agent does not support automatic Browser injection. If you want to use Browser with this type of application, you’ll need to inject the JavaScript manually or use the API. Both methods are linked to in the documentation I linked above.