App Build Subscription Channels UI in the App Catalog

We’ve added a UI feature to New Relic One Catalog which will allow a Nerdpack Manager to easily subscribe any account to applications deployed on different build channels.

Build channels are designed to be an easier way to control application version access than having to be concerned with many specific version numbers.

Using the New Relic One CLI a Nerdpack Manager can deploy a Nerdpack version to a specific channel (DEV, BETA, or STABLE) and set the channel by running the command

nr1 nerdpack:deploy -c, --channel=DEV|BETA|STABLE

Previously the App Catalog only displayed nerdpacks deployed to STABLE. So If you wanted to subscribe to a Nerdpack on the DEV or BETA channel, you’d have to use the CLI.

With this new UI feature a Nerdpack Manager can easily change the app build channel that an account is subscribed to without having to rely on the New Relic One CLI to do so.


Hey @jvajda, what is the point of subscribing NR1 apps to a particular sub-account if there’s no way to distinguish between sub-accounts in the NR1 console?

Hi @alex.plaza.gonzalez I think I understand the question, but want to explain how this works.

When you subscribe an account to an application, that account now has access to the application. Generally when you access the NR1 App Catalog as any account, you should see application launchers or (tiles) associated with an account.

Through out the NR1 Beta you are a part of you may notice we now have an account selector that specifies which account is being used. However the App Catalog view doesn’t filter by a single account . So the launchers which appear under the Apps Catalog section aren’t specific to a single account. Any account you’re a part of will have its apps show up there.

So you’d then switch accounts after launching the app from the app launcher, using the account selector I mentioned above. I hope that explains it.

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Thanks, Josh, that makes sense!

On another note, I encountered some unexpected behavior while trying to change the account owner of an application. I deployed an app under an incorrect account owner and then I tried to redeploy the application with a different account owner. To do this, I used the the NR1 CLI to change the profile to use a different account, generated a new guid and then published and deployed the app again with a new id.

However, when I did that, I now see the new app as another tile in the catalog titled “No publication name” and the old application was not removed from the catalog.

What’s the proper way of removing an app from the catalog after deploying it? I didn’t see an option in the NR1 CLI documentation or from the console. This page mentions that I should see an undeploy option, but I don’t see it anywhere in the catalog (maybe this is a bug in the beta version).


Hi Alex, happy to assist here. You may want to review the documentation on handling duplicate applications found here as it showcases a UI feature we added recently to handle duplicated applications.

Also you can try the nr1 nerdpack:undeploy command on the original nerdpack which should resolve this particular issue.

@jvajda, I was able to use nr1 nerdpack:undeploy to undeploy the app. Thank you!

By the way, the undeploy command in not mentioned in the developer documentation:

Thanks for catching that @alex.plaza.gonzalez I’ve submitted a PR to correct that on

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