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App-local newrelic.config question



I am using the .Net Framework based agent. I have multiple .Net executables in the same directory. They are Windows services executables that are separate services for the same application. I want to enable monitoring for each one but I would like to avoid using the service specific app.config files because starting and stopping the services are problematic.

The application is called MyApp. There are 4 services: ETLService, PreprocessingService, PostProcesssingService and SchedulingService.

How can I use an app-local newrelic.config file in this scenario?


@chris.rickard -

You can put a newrelic.config file in the same directory as the exes. They will all share the same one.

Is the question around actually enabling the agent for each service or giving each service a unique name that will appear in the New Relic UI? Or both :slight_smile:

In the scenario you describe the only way to give each app a unique New Relic name would be to set the name in each service’s web config.

But, if you don’t mind the data from all services rolling up to the same name then you can use the local newrelic.config file.

I hope that makes sense.


@tjd - what you said does make sense. I guess I was hoping to avoid adding keys to every app.config file. It would be much easier to just add the instrumentation for the .EXEs in the global newrelic.config from a configuration management standpoint.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Chris,

If you sent the environmental keys globally, then you can pass most things to the application, with the only additional step needed is to define the name in your app.config.

This doc talks about Global and Local configs. It may be of assistance