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Application slows down considerably after enabling .NET agent



I just installed and enabled NewRelic .Net Agent for our webapplication which uses ASP.Net forms and .Net Framework v4.7. The application is hosted as Azure app service.

I can see the app listed in APM, but the application slows down considerably (at least 10x times slower than usual) and leads to request timeouts. I tried to disable the agent and everything works normal.

I also tried to disable the following via newRelic.config
crossApplication Tracerenabled = false
browserMonitoring autoinstrument= false

But it didn’t help much, the performance is still slow. What else can I try ?


Hello @prakash.r,

Thanks for your post!

I wanted to mention that it is expected that response time can be impacted during the first minute or so the agent is starting up while the agent is cataloging the methods it needs to instrument.

This is due to the nature of the instrumentation process - our profiler (or any code-level profiler, for that matter) forces the application to go through the JIT process which gives our agent the opportunity to insert its instrumentation code.

However I wouldn’t expect the slowness to continue after that initial period, although there is a nominal amount of increased overhead with the agent.

Can you provide a permalink so I can take a look at the app? Only support will be able to view the link.



I have also found that start time within docker doubles also once the agents enabled


Thanks for the detailed info. I aware that the initial run might be slower as the agent is injecting the instrumentation logic. But we do see consistent slowness leading to timeouts after the initial few minutes. Here’s a permalink if you can take a look. Its running in an Azure app service.

Pls note I have disabled the transactiontracer, crossApplicationTracer and browserMonitoring via newrelic.config

Initial application load:[end]=1574646527&tw[start]=1574644727

When we tried to login to the application.[end]=1574647176&tw[start]=1574645376


@ntierney May I know if there is any update to the issues I raised ?


Hi @prakash.r

You can also remove all of the instrumentation from the extensions folder however this will remove all instrumentation. If you notice an improvement you can then re add in the xml files one at a time untill you notice an impact on performance again.

This may help you determine which instrumentation is causing the most overhead to your application