Are comments possible in NRQL?

Hi, is there any way to insert comments into an NRQL query? SQL-style comments ( – or /* */ ) seem to not work.


Hi, @nick.speare: No, I don’t think NRQL supports comments.

hijacking thread - but related: How do I insert a new line in the query builder? This is KILLING me.


Beyond copy-pasting it from somewhere else, I don’t think there is a way.

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I hear that this is on the relevant team’s roadmap, so stay tuned! :slight_smile:

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Just so you guys know, you can duplicate an existing line with shift + alt + arrow down. Then you just delete the content and you have yourself a nice empty line :slight_smile:

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Sometime within the last few months, the ability to add a new line in the editor was added (SHIFT + ENTER)

Still no comments though!



I’m struggling to live without comments in a query language, I spend a lot of time playing with queries and the ability to comment out a line that I don’t want (just temporarily) would be awesome.