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Ask a {Future}Stack Trainer: Making Application Monitoring Work for You -- Configuring Alerts, Key Transactions, and Apdex (Mini-Workshop)



Note from your Community Moderators: We’re hosting some amazing trainings at {Future}Stack 16 in San Francisco this November. Our New Relic University team of experts will be leading you through everything you need to know to level up your skills :up: and make you a New Relic master. :trophy: Here’s your chance to preview these trainings and, if you can’t be there in person, get your questions answered!

The Session

Making Application Monitoring Work for You – Configuring Alerts, Key Transactions, and Apdex (Mini-Workshop)
This session covers essential tools for any user of New Relic, with a focus on APM and associated platform capabilities. Learn to configure alert conditions in New Relic Alerts to cover your environment, create key transactions to closely monitor critical user interactions, and leverage Apdex to understand how application performance is impacting user experience, get notified quickly and avoid false alarms when your application is in trouble.

The Takeaways

Here’s what I want anyone who comes to this training to walk away knowing:

  • How to use Key Transactions to keep an eye on your most business critical code
  • How to use APDEX to get a reliable read on your applications health
  • How to create alerts and guard against alert fatigue

The Resources

In addition to my training, New Relic has a number of resources that you might find helpful in preparing for my session or getting up to speed on your own.


I live to answer questions! Let me know what you want to hear more about in the training!


New Relic folks,

Please keep a channel like this up to date. I’d like to know more about how the topics evolve over time.


Hi, @CHRISTOPHER.MCKENNA: To clarify: Are you asking for information about upcoming training opportunities, or information about how New Relic features (such as Alerts) change over time?


Yes, I’d like to be kept up-to-date with training opportunities, like certification training, workshops, etc. I already receive emails for things like the treasure hunt.



You can check out the upcoming webcasts (and previous webcasts) here:

@philweber will be able to speak more about staying up to date on trainings and certification materials though.


Hi, @CHRISTOPHER.MCKENNA: You can always see a list of upcoming FutureStack conferences here: Unfortunately, I am not aware of a page that lists upcoming public workshops; they are organized by our field marketing team, and each event typically gets its own registration page.

If you work with an account team, your account exec or customer success manager should be able to keep you apprised of upcoming training opportunities in your area. I will try to remember to let you know if I hear of anything in the Southeast.


@CHRISTOPHER.MCKENNA: FYI, here is the next one: