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ASP.NET Core - Static Files Middleware



Anyone notice that with an ASP.NET Core application that uses the static files middleware that every served asset appears in the transaction listing?


@thanks -

Could you provide a perma-link to what you are seeing? I do think that behavior is expected though.

If you want to ignore those transactions then you’ll probably want to create a custom middleware and call the agent’s API method IgnoreTransaction. If you want to rename them then you can call SetTransactionName.


If that is expected behavior I guess we’re OK.

Just the same here’s a Permalink to what I’m seeing: Permalink to Transaction


@thanks -

Thanks for the perma-link. Yes, that is expected behavior. The agent monitors the middleware pipeline itself which is why it picks up the assets. Notice the transaction category is ‘ASP’ which means the agent basically names the transaction after the request uri.