ATC Web response time Issue

Dear NewRelic Support,

Hope you are well. We are getting “Web response time > 3 seconds for at least 5 minutes on ‘ATC Bedrock Website’” alert emails quite often since last couple of days. I created few Alert policies in our New Relic account. See below screenshot

The CPU and Memory alerts we get very rare but Response Time alerts we are getting a lot since last couple of days. I could not find an issue. See below incident which are closed now.


Can someone from your support team look into our account and check please all these incidents.

I looked few incidents but cannot trace. Also there is no log data is available. See below:

Is there any ways we can pas Apache logs to New Relic? What is the log management by the way? When I click above documents it takes me to​ . Can someone help me how to install lo?

Also please check our current account configurations and suggest best practice examples. Also guide me what is the best way to trace an issue?

I am currently located in overseas so if you want me to reach, you can call me on whatsapp on +.


Hey @mrahman,

Thanks for writing in!

I understand you wish to generate logs for your APM applications, is that right?
The solution for APM logs is to use Logs in context:

In regards to service interruptions please review the status page for any incidents that occurred:

Hi Emuphy,

I run the following command on our Production Servers. See below

curl -Ls | bash && sudo NEW_RELIC_API_KEY=NRAK-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX NEW_RELIC_ACCOUNT_ID=2086300 /usr/local/bin/newrelic install

​After installation, below is the summary:

Golden Signal Alerts (installed)
Apache Integration (installed)
Infrastructure Agent (installed)
Logs Integration (installed)
PHP Agent (installed)

View your dat at the link below:

View your logs at the link below:

Now issue is there is no logs and still I am seeing below error:

No logs found from ATC Bedrock Website

Either expand the time range window or enable sending logs for this APM application. We recommend sending logs using a language agent plugin and a log forwarder, like our Infrastructure Agent Log Forwarder.

Can you please tell me how to enable logs? There are so many documentation and I got confused. See below links:

One of your document says “The newest versions of our APM agents have logs in context (addition of metadata and forwarding) enabled by default. You may sometimes have to make some updates to the agent config file to get logs working correctly.”

Please advise how to enable log forwarding? Do I need to install again? What is the best method?


Hi Emuphy,

I am waiting for your reply. Please answer


Hey @mrahman,

There are many different methods to collect logs. If you would like to collect them via the APM agent, you can install Logs in context.

These are automatically collected with the latest APM install. The document above also shares the manual install.

You can also forward logs using the Infrastructure agent, see the documentation below:

We have over 10 options available to forward your logs to New Relic. Review the introduction documentation to get started

Let me know if you have any questions.