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Atlasboard widget



Currently we’ve based our workflow on atlassian products like jira, bamboo,… And our monitoring on NewRelic.
Now, we’d like to have a screen in our office showing some kind of wallboard to have an overview on our monitored Azure and iOS data together with the most important infos from Atlassian.

The idea would be to setup something like Atlasboard. Did somebody already create a widget for it with NewRelic data?


Hi @hannes.tribus - By using widgets, you can embed New Relic Insights queries on web pages.


Nice. I’ll give it a try soon.


Hi @stefan_garnham Recently Atlassian has killed the HTML macro that I was using to embed iframe on confluence. Now they have a widget connector, do you have any experience with this?


CC @philweber


Hi @MKhanna - Unfortunately, I have not had any experience with Atlassian or their widget connector.