August 18, 2017 Post of the Week—Insights, AMP and Alerts

Welcome back! It’s time for our

Post of the Week! :hibiscus: :hibiscus: :hibiscus:

Thank you so much for contributing in all the ways you do! Our community would not be half as much fun or informative without your participation! Below are a few exceptional examples of our community jumping in to offer solutions and great ideas around New Relic’s products. Take a look!

Here is @pdp and @Sarsaparilla working together on an Alerting solution:

@averyvery Offered up this exciting workaround for an Insights Feature Idea:

Big thanks to @eyedean for jumping in this APM thread:

Check out this opportunity to be invited to the Oracle and PCF Integrations Beta:

Here you can read all about a cool, new Insights Feature:

And last but not least, a brand new Level Up: Relic Solution by @niels1:

Thank you again for reading, asking, answering, joking, helping, etc.! Be sure to check back in our Meta category for our Post of the Week every Monday! :blush:

Don’t forget to register for our Coffee Chat with Alerts Product Owner @NateHeinrich - we will be having a cup of joe :coffee: with Nate on Friday morning!

And there is still time to participate in our August Alerts challenge. Add your Alerting strategy to our library here and get a prize!

See you next time!

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