Auto close the alerts once condition is not met

There is an alert created for a time, later it got resolved by itself. Is there any way Alert is auto closed, as the alert condition no longer met ?

Do we receive alert emails every hour or so until it is resolved ? How can we do such setup ?

Hi there,

Alerts will close if they meet the “reverse” criteria of what the threshold is set at. For example, if you have an alert for a process not reporting for 5 min, the alert will close once the process does report for 5 min.

Alert notifications are set by 3 settings.

  • by Policy
  • By Condition
  • By Condition or entity.

By Policy is the least sensitive. You will be notified 3 times when a condition violates. If any other condition violates the policy, it will be rolled up into the incident and you will not be notified.

By Condition and By Condition and entitiy are more sensitive. You will be notified if any one of the conditions is violated.

You can find out more information about alert notifications on this great post: Relic Solution: Alert Incident Preferences are the Key to Consistent Alert Notifications



Hi, @rtummala: To answer the second part of your question: New Relic Alerts does not have the ability to send repeated notifications until an incident is resolved. I believe, however, that some third-party tools (such as PagerDuty) have this capability; New Relic Alerts may be able to send a notification to the third-party tool, which can then manage recurring notifications.


Thanks @peraut and @philweber will check and let you know if any other questions.

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in my case alerts are not auto closing. can you please suggest what conditions needs to be changed