Automatic send dashboard report

i have an mpp performance dashboard MPP URL Loadtimes < New Relic One
Can we send this automaticly every week as a pdf or whatever to several steakholders. I now do it manualy

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Hey @martin.everts

Not out of the box - but you can use Synthetics to hit the GraphQL API, pull back a PNG or PDF of the dashboard, and send it via email.

Here’s the detail on GraphQL: NerdGraph tutorial: Export dashboards as files | New Relic Documentation

And here’s some detail on using node-mailer: Nodemailer :: Nodemailer

Note that this will need to be a Scripted API type of Synthetics monitor.

For reference, here’s an example of using an old method to do this. This example logs in to New Relic to get a dashboard, in your case you should just need to hit the GraphQL API linked above, and then you can take the segment from this script to see how to send it as an email:

Hi Ryan,

is there a possibility to somehow use my notification channels from within the Scripted Browser?
I tried to search for it but i didn´t find anything.

This would suit us better since with your suggested solution i would need an additional email service i guess.

Kind regards,

Hi @Manuel19

Unfortunately its not actually possible to use the Scripted Browser in this manner.

I would advise you to follow the guidance given by @RyanVeitch.

Should you have any additional questions and need any additional support please do reach out!