Automatically adjust the percentage of CPU's usage of Docker's container

Good morning,
I would like to know if there is a possibility to automatically adjust the percentage of CPU’s usage of Docker’s container.
Now the percentage is calibrated based on the number of CPUs (i.e. if a container has 4 CPU, the maximum CPU usage could be 400%).
That potentially generates a misleading alert, in fact if we set an alert to trigger when the CPU’s usage exceeds 80%, this refer to 0.8CPU and it is not proportionate on the total number of CPUs, which means that a container, as an example, with 4CPUs would have the alert triggered after 20% of real CPUs utilization.
How can I build a query that does: (cpuUsedCores*100):cpuLimitCores

P.S. both of the above CPUs parameters are available in the alert query builder