Automating New Relic alerts into BMC RemedyForce

We are looking to automate New Relic alerting into RemedyForce and linking events into incidents.

Can you suggest the best way to do this? Would it be to use a notification channel from New Relic straight into RF using a email identifier???

Hi @darren_rawlings, creating a webhook on your alert may provide you with your solution.


@darren_rawlings +1 what Stefan said. Webhooks will provide you the most flexibility. The link he provided was for the channel option in legacy alerting. Here is the link to the same option for the new Alerts. One nice thing about using Webhooks is it allows you to customize the payload. If RemedyForce is less flexible, the ability to provide a specific payload makes it much more convenient.

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if you’d ask me, the best and easiest possible way is via an external solution that will automatically link the systems, sync them, and eventually, after the initial configuration, will automate all the actions - like the ones in your case. try a tool like zigiops - it does automate all the configurated tasks so no need for manual work.

Hi @dex.copper98,

Thank you for providing feedback to the Community, this is helpful to other members who are experiencing this same issue. :slightly_smiling_face: