Availability Calculation - Load Balance and Nginx

Hi guys, could someone instruct me on how to calculate my availability with NRQL, referring to AWS Load Balancer metrics, and also Nginx

the calculation would be this

` (Number of successful requests / total number of requests) * 100`

the tables are referenced to LoadBalancerSample and NginxSample

I’m having a hard time calculating because I don’t know which columns I can extract this information from.

Could someone give a help

Hello, could someone give me a support?

@ronald.silva I realize you are waiting for a response on this. Want to make sure you are aware that this area is not monitored by our support team and relies on responses from community members. Hoping that someone soon will be able to provide you further insights.

I created another question with the same subject on this link.

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@ronald.silva Thank you for clarifying that. I’m going to close this topic since its a duplicate.